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Book Blitz: Can’t Catch My Breath by Sarah Sutton {Excerpt + #Giveaway} @SarahMaeSutton

Author: Sarah Sutton
Title: Can’t Catch My Breath
Publication Date: January 26th 2021
Genres: Contemporary, 
Romance, Young Adult

Addy Arden lives in a land called denial.

After losing her dad in a car accident, she’d rather pretend things are okay than be crushed by grief and guilt. Her friends buy the fake smiles and her mom doesn’t seem to notice…or care.

And Addy is doing great until she’s paired with Vincent Castello, the most intimidating senior at Greenville High, for a class project. Interview a random classmate and write a report on them. Should be easy, right?

Not by a longshot.

Because the car accident that killed Addy’s dad? It left Vincent’s father paralyzed.

Talk about an awkward ice-breaker.

As the two grow closer, can Addy face her grief and guilt head-on and put her past behind her, or will she let it consume her, and lose the guy who truly takes her breath away?

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“Tough break.”

All at once, my world jerked into focus, the muffled sounds amplifying to a normal volume, the blood pounding in my ears going silent—or at least, quiet enough to hear past—the pressure on my chest lightening to a less life-threatening compression.

When I looked to the voice, not lifting my forehead, I found myself looking into the eyes of Vincent Castello.

He stood not even six feet from me, expression perfectly and utterly blank. No crease between his eyebrows, no frown tugging at his lips. The corduroy jacket he wore had the collar flipped up, the Sherpa lining brushing his neck. Behind him, his truck was parked, his headlights flashing periodically.

My hands on the car began trembling—all of me was trembling so bad that I couldn’t even think about speaking. No, no, not him.

“Flat tire, huh? That sucks,” Vincent said in a low voice. His eyes flicked from me to my car. “Least it’s on the passenger’s side. Less likely to get clipped by a car while you’re changing it.”

I stared up at him, just blinking, unable to do anything else. It wasn’t his words that punched me in the gut, but his voice. I’d never heard it before. Before this year, I’d never had a class with him. He was a senior and I was a junior; our schedules never

overlapped. Our lockers were in different sections. Hearing him speak was jarring, as if a part of me hadn’t really known that he could. But he was speaking, clear as day.

“You really should get something to crouch on, though.” He took a careful step closer, combat boots crunching the slushy grit of the road, and offered a hand. The ring on his middle finger glinted. “Come on, you must be freezing. Whatever you’ve got on your legs doesn’t look thick enough to be kneeling in snow.”

Author Bio

Sarah Sutton is a YA Romance author, bringing you stories about teenagers falling in love (sometimes with magic)She spends her days dreaming up ideas with her two adorable puppies by her side being cheerleaders (and mega distractions).




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