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Blog Tour: The Vault of Kings series by Matt Taylor {Guest Post + #Giveaway}


Author: Matt Taylor
Title: A Light in the Darkness
Series: The Vault of Kings Book #1
Genre: YA Fantasy

For ten years, the dark mage Maelos has shrouded Evendreil in darkness and oppression. With no hope in sight, many are struggling to survive; others pray that their luck will remain. In searching for answers, Sylas stumbles upon an ancient artifact--a mysterious silver amulet--that confirms the reality of the fabled Vault of Kings. Hoping to overthrow Maelos and end his evil reign, Sylas and his companions set off to find the legendary elemental stones of power that are needed to unlock the door to the vault. If they are to succeed in their quest, they must first learn to master the ancient art of Magick in all of its basic forms: Light, Darkness, Water, Fire, Nature, and Air. Then they must pray that whatever secret is contained in the Vault of Kings will be enough to give them the edge that they need to defeat the most powerful dark mage that the world has ever seen.

Title: Alliance
Series: The Vault of Kings Book #2

Gelendor has fallen. Darkness has descended once again. Despite the danger, Torren has decided to stay in Gelendor to try and form a secret rebellion while the others make their journey towards Sindmyr, the Capital of Light. Once there, Sylas and Samara will need to convince the King of Sindmyr to join their cause and fight back against the armies of Maelos. To be successful, the two young mages will not only need to continue to master the ancient art of Light Magick, but also uncover an ancient secret that has been hidden away beneath the City of Light for generations. A secret that could prove deadly to any who attempt to wield it. Most importantly, Sylas will need to prove that he is worthy to obtain the Stone of Light and unite it with the ancient silver amulet. With two Elemental Stones of power at his side, Sylas will bring himself one step closer to completing the key to the Vault of Kings. One step closer to unlocking the powerful secret that's been hidden from the world for over a thousand years. Gelendor has fallen to Darkness, but in the Light...there is still hope.

Guest Post

Stuff about me… Well, I was born in Idaho, and still live here despite the fact that we have more months with snow than without it. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people talk during movies! Man that drives me insane! Especially when people are asking questions about stuff… I’m just like, you will probably find out who that guy is in the next ten minutes if you just shut your mouth and watch! Haha, speaking of movies, I think I’d have to say that my favorites are the entire MCU line of movies (all the marvel super hero movies) I think they have a great story and I love how all the characters have their own spin offs and come together in epic battles together and stuff, plus they are laced with the exact right amount of humor to just make them so awesome. I would absolutely LOVE to have my story become a movie someday, and if it did I would demand that I get to play a part in the movie. But I think I would have myself as a funny comic relief character that only shows up every once in a while type thing, I don’t think I’d want to take on a main part at all. And whoever did the movie would have to do a great job of it, I wouldn’t want it to turn out like Eragon, or Avatar the Last Airbender, that would just break my poor little heart. My Spirit animal is definitely a polar bear. One because they are awesome. Two because my favorite color is white, and I have lived in the cold my whole life so we would fit well together just off of that three four five etc. because I’m pretty dang sure there isn’t a creature on the planet that would want to mess with a polar bear, just sayin’.


I'm a small town boy from Southeast Idaho. I've wanted to share my stories and wild imagination with the world for a long time, and finally decided that now is better than never. I have loved reading fantasy books ever since I was little, but there was always something missing, something that I wished that I could add to the story, to make it mine. Writing a book and putting yourself out there for the world to see is daunting to say the least, but the joy and sense of accomplishment you get from seeing your story out there, for all to read and enjoy is a feeling like none other. 
I hope that you will enjoy the worlds of my mind, and take part in the adventures that have been hidden from the world, but are now finally being revealed.

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    1. Thank you :) I hope if you decide to pick it up that you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

  2. The world you created sounds intriguing. Great covers.

    1. Thanks so much! I am super happy with the covers as well. They both reflect really important scenes in story.