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Blog Tour: A Girl From Forever (The Forever Institute #1) by Yolanda McCarthy {Excerpt + #Giveaway}

Author: Yolanda McCarthy 
Title: A Girl From Forever
Series: The Forever Institute #1
Publication Date: September 3rd 2021
Genres: Dystopian, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller, Young Adult


Night is a predator, and its got me.”

A thrilling dystopian story of star-crossed love, perfect for fans of Eve of Man and The Hunger Games.

Do you know who you are? Do you know where you belong? Do you recognize good from evil? Seventeen-year-old Fern thought she understood it all…

Yolanda McCarthys dystopian novel, A Girl From Forever, is a thrilling teen adventure that explores multiple what-if scenarios as a young woman follows a lengthy quest for answers. Told in the first-person narrative from Ferns point of view, the reader will be instantly caught up in the turmoil that plagues the protagonist as she seeks answers. With considerable conflict, both physically and mentally, the plot moves forward with a driving force that will have the reader unable to put the book down… This is a powerful story that not only rivets the reader but speaks to them about issues all young people face: first love, betrayal, truth, and denial, and whats really real is this complicated world in which we live.” ReadersFavorite 5* review

Psychics, immortals, and a battle over humanitys destiny. First love. Betrayal. Abduction. Murder. When friends become enemies and terrorists turn into allies, Ferns betrayer could be her soul mate – but that might not be enough to keep her alive…

Some lies are lethal.

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John and I stand in the doorway of the empty rec room, my arm wrapped around his throat, partly in threat, partly for support. The gun’s in my other hand, pressed to his head. I must be on CCTV, everywhere up here will be. Guards will be coming, no matter what John says.

I feel light-headed, and the walls of the room are rippling slightly.

My fingers are cold, but as long as I grip the trigger, I control him.

How long can I grip the trigger?

I hope that the numb sensation in my fingers is because I’m had my hand elevated for so long, hope it’s not because I’m bleeding.

The long gash along my thigh hurts like fire, but John’s shot missed the bone and almost all of the muscle. I was very lucky. I don’t think the leg is actually very damaged, but I’m worried about the blood loss. I don’t know how much blood you can lose without passing out. I stare at the empty chairs, the silent TV, as I drip on the floor. Soon, I’ll have to decide whether to shoot myself in the head.

There’s a better plan than that, but I haven’t slept and my leg is on fire and I’m not going to think of it.

In the distance, there’s a strange thudding sound, then again. I swear the building shivers for a split second. John takes advantage of my distraction, breaking my weakening grip for long enough to slide away. He’s learned from past mistakes, he doesn’t go for the gun, just away from me, as fast as possible, dashing through the doorway while I wobble against the wall.

A moment later, I hear the lift chime in the distance. I never knew what that sound was, before today. I think Geraldine told us it was a relaxation aid.

Well, that’s it, then.

Everything feels very far away.

I sink into one of the sofas and look at the gun. Can I make it to the roof before I pass out? Probably not, and no-one’s coming for me anyway, no-one knows where I am, except John.

The only idea I had was to get to my friends. Tell them the truth about Forever, so that one day, if they get a chance, they might manage to escape. I never expected to survive this, I realise. Not since Forever reclaimed me.

I turn the gun over and over in my hands. I don’t even know how many bullets it has, but I guess enough to scare John.


I point the gun at my head, but…


Author Bio

Yolanda grew up in London, where she worked as a lawyer, a supermarket assistant, a civil servant, and at a cat shelter. Not in that order. Her work took her to California, Serbia, and Dubai, but her fondest memories are of Bermuda. (Shes still homesick for Bermuda. Especially the pink sands of Elbow Beach…)

She now lives in Kent with her husband and son, where she writes all kinds of speculative fiction. Sometimes she climbs mountains.


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