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Blog Tour: Throne of Lies (Amethysta Trilogy #1) by Sara Secora @SaraSecoraVO


Author: Sara Secora  
Title: Throne of Lies 
Series: Amethysta Trilogy #1
Genre: YA Fantasy

 For seventeen-year-old princess Amethysta Serelle, the royal life is anything but enchanting.

She finds herself forever torn between duty and desire—desperately craving freedom, yet bound by the burden of her bloodline. With the realm of Vataenya divided by intolerance, and stained by a veiled and violent past, none take kindly to those who are different. For Amethysta’s sake, her mother must conceal her daughter’s mystifying secret from all—
including from Amethysta herself.

Once driven to her wit’s end, Amethysta sets out on an unrelenting search for answers that will leave her teetering on the very edge of anguish and strife. With each harrowing turn, Amethysta encounters devastating loss, uncovers the mortifying unknown, and comes face to face with the calamitous 
heartache that awaits her.

All the while, an enigmatic blue glow sleeps below the surface, ready to unfold a world of chaos.

From the Author: This is a freshly released second edition of the book. It features new chapters, more polish, and a new cover. I encourage anyone interested in the story to read it, even if they have already! 


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                                    About the Author

Sara Secora, author of The Amethysta Trilogy, is a proclaimed wordsmith with a wildfire imagination. Her concocted ventures range widely, from being the poet behind Dear Wallflower to reaching an esteemed position as a professional voiceover actress. And if she didn’t already wear enough creative hats, Sara Secora can also be found working as a casting director and copywriter. Based in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, Sara Secora is actively writing whimsical stories brimming with enchantment, mystique, and insight—destined to intrigue readers of any age.

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