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Blog Tour: Opening the Veil (New Sight #1) by C.L. Clark {Excerpt + Meet the Author + Giveaway}

Author: C.L. Clark

Title: Opening the Veil
Series: New Sight #1
Release Date: 03/21/15
Pages: 177

Summary from Goodreads
When Cassie agrees to go on a date with her gorgeous new neighbor, she doesn’t expect the night to end with a glimpse into eternity. Within twenty-four hours she discovers not only are young women being brutally murdered around her beloved town, but an ancient evil is using her new neighbor like a puppet to do the killing. 

Knowing the police won’t believe her without solid proof, she makes it her mission to find the evidence they need. Add to that how her cat has started talking to her, along with seeing ghosts around town, and it’s no surprise that she’s beginning to question her sanity.

This is the first book in the New Sight Series - paranormal series about a young woman whose eyes are opened to the hidden world around her and her compulsion to help the dead seek answers and justice.

Imaginatively entertaining with light humor and a quickening pace, C. L. Clark’s interesting new twist on paranormal fantasy is a book series that readers will not want to pass up.

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The water is a perfect lapis lazuli blue as it ripples out from my body. It is so peaceful that I feel myself wanting to close my eyes and float along, maybe even drift off to sleep. It would be so easy. My body feels warm and weightless and free. Turning my head just a little to the right, I can see the darker strings radiating out from my body. I know it’s my blood changing the color of the peaceful pool, but I can’t quite bring myself to care. I feel better here, nothing hurts, and time seems to have slowed down to a gentle lapping. 
Cas! Look at me!” That’s Allie. She’s trying to get my attention from the side of the pool. She sounds stressed. She should slip into the water, too. I try to tell her that the water’s fine, which makes me smile. Isn’t that what everyone always says? Come on in, the water’s fine! Except, my mouth won’t work and when I try to make a sound I gurgle on something thick and coppery. 

Come on, Cas. Over here!” Allie calls to me again, more urgent but somehow more gentle, too. 

I move my head again, as slow and careful as I can this time because something is starting to hurt and it’s trying to take my peace away. I turn my eyes toward where I’m sure she’s standing. She’s there on the side watching me with her concerned eyes. No, not concerned, more like intense. She always has an intense stare. She can’t help it, she’s a cat. 

That is right, Cas, watch me,” Allie says in her soothing way, except she can’t really talk. It’s actually her voice in my head. I’m not some crazy cat lady or anything, I promise. I can tell that she’s nervous because she keeps moving her front paws like she’s impatient and wants to run. “Now try to make your way over here, okay?” 

Doing my best to not focus on anything but her, I move my left hand a bit and try to move my feet without dunking my face under the water and drowning myself. That’s no easy task, trust me. I have to fight the urge to just stay and relax in the water. The effort it takes to get to the side of the pool seems like more than I can handle, but I have to focus because I know Allie hates me being in the water. It’s not the water exactly that bothers her so much. I know that, but for some reason I can’t quite remember why that is.  

Just as I think to ask her, I notice that her eyes change and she starts hissing at me. That’s confusing me because she never hisses at me. Then I feel something brush my leg in the water and I all of a sudden remember that it’s what’s in the water that Allie hates.

Meet Cassiopeia Brant

Hello there!  

So, first things first, please call me Cassie.  I’m kind of weird about my name and it gets embarrassing having to explain it, so Cass or Cassie is just easier.  I think I’m pretty average, as far as twenty-four year old girls go at least.  I can be a little sarcastic, especially when I fall into defensive mode, but generally I keep things light-hearted and happy.  My friend Marcie says that I wear romantic colored glasses and want to believe for the best, but tend to secretly prepare for the worst - particularly when it comes to guys and my pathetic love life.  I would roll my eyes right now, except I know she’s kind of right, so I’ll leave that one alone.  

I grew up on the west coast, but as soon as I got my Associates degree from the local city college I hit the open highway in my almost-ancient Honda and headed for a big city on the east coast.  Yeah, except I never got there.  I thought that’s what I wanted when I decided to remake my life, but when my poor old car broke down in Kensington Falls, well, it felt too much like home to keep going.  Who knew I’d find what I was looking for in a town smaller than the one I grew up in?

I live with my awesome cat, Allie.  She’s this cute black and white cow print and she’s full of opinions and comments on just about everything.  She has a different meow or sound for every emotion or strange thing I do.  No, I’m not a crazy cat lady.  It’s me and her and old movies - I guess that’s that romantic side that Marcy mentioned.  I also work for Artie Goodwin, the best boss ever and eventually I’ll finish my training to become an investigator for his insurance company - I think I’m going to be pretty good at it, too.  Until then, I’ve got Chai tea, good friends, and a crazy kind of town.  At the moment, my love-life stinks, but there’s hope on the horizon because the most gorgeous guy I have ever laid eyes on just moved into the apartment complex and I think he likes me.  Oh man those eyes!  

{To see where things lead and how crazy life can get, not to mention where the demanding ghosts come in, please read “Opening the Veil” and really get to know Cassie}

About the Author

C. L. Clark has been a lifetime resident of the Twilight Zone – seeing every day occurrences and banal objects through slightly skewed, dark, and creepy glasses. The question usually on her mind is “What if?” followed by any number of strange ideas which quickly become stories that must be shared.
When asked about where her story ideas come from, she usually smiles mischievously and remarks, “My fingers have a mind of their own.” Often found peeking under rocks, wandering through graveyards, and poking her nose into abandoned haunted houses, she has a particular love for black cats, breaking mirrors, and running with scissors.

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