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Blog Tour: Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist! by Kay Marie {Teasers + ARC Review + Excerpt + Giveaway} @daviskaitlyn

Publication Date: May 18th 2015
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Summary from Goodreads

From bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis, writing as Kay Marie, comes a new adult romantic comedy about a girl who'll soon discover that some secrets can't be kept forever, especially those of the heart.

My name is Skylar Quinn. I just moved to New York with my best friend Bridget, and I have a confession. Well, more than one. Okay, quite a few really. Fine, here goes!

Confession #1: I'm a sex columnist. Hold on, that's not really the confession. You see, I'm sort of a columnist.

Confession #2: I'm kind of in love with Bridget's older brother, Oliver. No, I was. No, I am. Wait, was? Am? Crap.

Confession #3: I've been avoiding Oliver for four years. Or I was until today, because he just moved in. Yes, you read that correctly. He's my new roommate. So that night we've both been pretending never happened, well, we might not be able to keep it a secret any longer.

And trust me, this is only the beginning.

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ARC Review

Skylar "Skye" Quinn has just graduated from college!

The bright side? She will continue working on the same newspaper she interned.
The worst side? She will no longer be in the literature and art deprtment where she reviewed books (A reader's heaven!!) but there's an open position in the lifestyle and dating section, so Skye ends up being the new dating columnist. The funny thing about this position is that she hasn't dated a lot of guys, she doesn't get it when somebody invites her for coffee or drinks and that she's still a virgin.

By reading her story, we understand that she's never felt ready with anyone she dated apart from Oliver, her best friend's older brother. She had a crush on him since she can remember herself and the last night before she left for college she finally confessed to him her feelings and for a few moments it seemed like he had the same ones for her. But then he pushed her away explaining that he didn't feel anything for her.

But now he's back into Skye's life. You see, Skye and her best friend Birdget live together and their apartment is big enough for one more person. Oliver just got a job as a sous chef in New York as well and he will stay with the girls for a while but that's more than enough for Skye's feelings to resurface.

In addition, she has her boss demanding more juicy and interesting articles from Skye who is kind of forced to go out on dates and meet guys.

What I really liked about the story is that Skye is like every girl after she finishes college. She definitely needs the job in order to stay in New York and keep paying her bills, the job will look good on her resume and even if it's the dating column she still does the one thing she loves and that's writing and at some points she enjoyes it.

What surprised me was the fact that this is going to be a series. I thought that it was a standalone and a pretty good with a hilarious beginning, ca onfusing for Skye middle and an emotional ending. But then on the last page, a character from Skye's past returns and changes everything...


Confessions of Virgin Sex Columnist is a hilarious well written story with funny and realistic characters, questions that every girl asks but never receives an answer to, a forbidden romance and an emotional journey to respecting and mostly being yourself and never change who you are for anybody.
Rating: 4 stars!!


But then a gentle knock sounds against my door.

And there's only one person it could be.

"Skye?" he whispers into the dark.

I could pretend to be asleep, but the alcohol has drowned out my neuroses, replacing them with curiosity. 

"What do you want, Ollie?"

"I just…" He sighs. My eyes are closed but I can perfectly imagine the way he's running his hand through his hair, messing it up—an unconscious move he doesn’t even realize makes my heart melt. Makes every girl's heart melt.

"Don't apologize," I say. It's the closest reference I've made to talking about what happened. And he understands immediately. Understands that I don't want to talk about it—but I doubt he understands why. It's not because I'm embarrassed or hurt or vulnerable. It's because I can't bear to hear the regret in his voice. Because before he did what he did, before that moment, I had the best few minutes of my life. And I don't want to hear that he wishes they never happened.

"Okay, can I say one thing then?"

"Sure." I rollover, finally sitting up. Even in the dark, his eyes shine, glowing blue. Or maybe that’s just the alcohol talking.

"It’s just, I can tell you're nervous about the new job, but you shouldn’t be, Skye. You’re a great writer, and well…" He shrugs, scanning the room for a moment. There's a note of honesty in his tone that I rarely ever hear, that I've learned to recognize over the years. "You don't have to have sex to be sexy, Skye. Some people do, maybe, but not you. Never you."

And then he's gone, leaving me alone in the dark with my racing heart.

Author Bio

Bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis writes young adult fantasy novels under the name Kaitlyn Davis and contemporary romance novels under the name Kay Marie.

Always blessed with an overactive imagination, Kaitlyn has been writing ever since she picked up her first crayon and is overjoyed to share her work with the world. When she's not daydreaming, typing stories, or getting lost in fictional worlds, Kaitlyn can be found indulging in some puppy videos, watching a little too much television, or spending time with her family. If you have any questions for her--about her books, about scheduling an event, or just in general--you may contact her at:

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