Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cover Reveal: Spellbinder (A Shadow Falls Story) by C.C. Hunter

One of our favourite authors, C.C. Hunter revealed the cover for Spellbinder, which is a novella from Miranda’s point of view.

 In Spellbinder, Miranda participates in an important magic contest. But someone is bumping off the competition, and a cute blue-eyed warlock is assigned to protect her. But on the plus side, the competition is in Paris, and Kylie and Della are there to cheer Miranda on. But do you also remember who’s in Paris? Yup, Perry. And Miranda has a lot of decisions to make, and let’s just hope she survives the competition in one piece!

And here it is!!!!!!

It releases June 30th, 2015 and here are a few things that happen in Miranda's book!

In Spellbinder you’ll learn
  1. When you play with fire, you might find things getting hotter for other reasons.
  2. It’s possible for a girl to be kissed like she’d never been kissed and not even know who kissed her.
  3. Magic moms are ten times worse than soccer moms.
  4. The only thing better than going to Paris, is going to Paris with your two best friends.  Well, it would be if someone wasn’t trying to kill you.
  5. Sometimes the people you think you know the best, aren’t at all who you thought they were.
  6. Some things are harder to forgive than others.
  7. Family can work together and overpower dark magic.
  8. If someone needs help and you ignore them, you may never forgive yourself.
  9. While a hug doesn’t fix everything, it can be exactly what you need at the moment.
  10.  Some people are willing to kill to win.

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