Wednesday 5 December 2012

Review: Second Chance Grill (Liberty #2) by Christine Nolfi

Author: Christine Nolfi
Pages: 313 Paperback
Publication Date: 30th October 2012
Publisher: Christine Nolfi
Rating: 4 stars

Second chance at life and love.
Miracles do happen.

These are the two things that anybody will need, in order to summarize Second Chance Grill. But, let's take things from the top.
Dr. Mary Chance needs a break from her life as a doctor. And the perfect opportunity comes up. Her aunt decides to retire and gives her restaurant to Mary, which is named Second Chance Grill. Mary decorates it, hires a decent cook and after a quite hard beginning, business is finally open. That's when Blossom, the cutest girl she's ever seen, walks in and steals her heart. Well, half her heart because the other half belongs to Blossom's father, Anthony. That's right people. Love at first sight.
Anthony has been through enough. He got married and raised his daughter too young. Then his wife leaves him for another guy. And then Blossom is diagnosed with leukemia. Anthony is a great man, an amazing father and Mary has no other choice but to fall in love with him and vice versa.
Everything seems to be perfect in Mary's new life. So, what's the problem? The thing is Mary wants to run the restaurant for a year and then return to her old life and take over the clinic she worked at. Sounds nice, right? Well, it's not. Because not everything in life goes as planned.
She has to take over the clinic much sooner than she expected. But what about Anthony? Now that she's found true love, can she just let it slip away from her? And Blossom, who may be healthy for now but nobody knows when or if cancer will return. And in this case it does. But in order for Blossom to live , sacrifices must be made. But like I said, miracles do happen. And sometimes there's a happily ever after.
All in all, I loved this book even if it's narrated from an adult's point of view. I really didn't mind because it's a story full of messages about life and the decisions that makes us who we are.
For readers who loved The Fault in Our Stars and The Probability of Miracles, they will definitely adore Second Chance Grill.

Book #2 in the Liberty series.


  1. This sounds like a very different book than I would read, however it sounds quite interesting and romantic but also quite dramatic!
    Thank you for the review!


    1. You're right.It's not like the other books we read.But it is as good as the others. :)

  2. I'm glad you liked it! I still really need to read it! :)