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Review: Deity (Covenant #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Paperback, 360 pages
Published November 6th 2012 by Spencer Hill Press  
Kindle Edition
Published October 31st 2012 by Spencer Hill Press
Rating: 5 stars


I was always proud to be Greek and believe that speaking Greek is a privilege and now it's one of those moments. Reading words like agapi mou, my love, and zoi mou, my life, made me extremely happy. I don't even know why I have to go over the same procedure I do with all the books I read on Goodreads. It's pretty obvious. 5 stars and one of the best books published in 2012. I decided to start reading the Covenant series a while ago because of what other readers and bloggers wrote about Aiden. So, I gave it a shot. And what a shot that was! The characters, the plot, the twists and finally the cliffhanger were exceptional.

The characters

Now back to the story. Alex is a step before becoming the Apollyon and the fact that Seth can't keep his hands off her doesn't help. Seth, or Cuddle Bunny, is still one of the hottest guys and he's also the one who's trying to win Alex's heart, even when it belongs to a special pure-blood. But he has his humor as his #1 weapon. His lines are delightful.

“You were in my dream.”
“Please tell me we were naked.”

“Our training was rather…exhausting. You know, there's a lot of moving, sweating, thrust—“
“Seth,” I snapped

I wanted to touch him.
“I know what you're feeling right now. I totally approve of it.”

Alex loves them both and she tries to accept that she and Aiden don't have a future as a couple. But when Seth announces that he has to accompany Lucian back to the New York Covenant, she wants to go with him because her father is a servant there. There is no way Seth will let her follow him and that's when everything changes.

Because the Order of Thanatos, which means death in Greek, wants Alex dead. And you know what? The Order gets its wish. Alex dies and goes to the Underworld, where her best-friend, Caleb, awaits and for a dead guy he's pretty funny.

“No. Persephone owed me one. We were playing Mario Kart Wii and I let her win. I crashed in my favor.”
“You have the Wii down here?”
“What? We get bored. Especially Persephone, when she's down here during these months. Usually Hades doesn't play, thank the gods. He freaking cheats.”

But fate or maybe one god in particular brings her back to life and now she has to stay at Aiden’s house for her protection and that brings them close. Very close. And that's when the best moment in this book, make that the series, occurs. Aiden confesses his true feelings to Alex. He can't hide how deeply and madly in love he is with her and she returns the feeling. The outcome? A night full of love and adoration.

“ I wanted a piece of you with me always. No matter, what.”
I shuddered. “But I don't…I don't have anything of you.”
“ Yes, you do. You'll have a piece of my heart forever. Even if your heart belongs to someone else.”

After that, they're both ready to face the consequences as long as they're together. Although they have far more dangerous things to keep them busy. And these things are Lucian, who has gone crazy and he's thirsty for…power and SETH, Lucian's weapon and means of success. But the gods are not happy, not at all and three of them, starting with Poseidon will do everything , even cause the death of innocent people. Then we have Hades, who wants Alexandra to follow him in the Underworld but then Artemis appears she's pretty cool for a goddesssaves Alex and reveals a secret about her family tree that takes her by surprise.

“So I will say it one more time just in case Persephone has befuddled that brain of yoursstand down.”
Artemis replaced the arrow back in her quiver and gave Aiden a sexy little grin. “ They just keep getting yummier.”

So, when they finally get away from the crazy-version of Seth and the gods’ wrath, everyone is waiting for Alexandra to Awaken. And when she does…well, that's how Deity ends. So frustrating. I hate it when they do that...Freaking cliffhanger,again!


Deity is action-packed,genius,beautifully written and breathtaking!Jennifer L.Armentrout did it again. This book takes the story to a whole other level.Prepare yourselves because the battle...has just begun!

And here is the forth installment in the Covenant series:
Alex is now 18... and nothing will ever be the same again. War is coming, and when the gods are involved, no one is safe.

Paperback, 360 pages
Expected publication: April 9th 2013 by Spencer Hill Press

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